Be Our Guest

Sarcasm, shame, unforgiveness…all stem from unrelatable dispositions for educators. Maybe they work in other aspects of life, but not in classrooms. Not in schools.

There are too many variables, too many factors that can make or break a young student who is forging more than academic learning. Our students are forging their identities, their self. They are laying the foundation of their futures, they do not need mud thrown into the mix of their concrete.

Our students are forging more than academic learning – they are forging their identities, their futures.

Uncertainty, openness, and curiosity don’t plague the minds of our students – they bless them with childlike wonder. They are both spark the ignition for learning and pose a need for protection and kindness from educators. They are the reasons students should always, regardless of their choices, be our guests.

What is your focus as educational leader on your campus?

Leading and Learning

I read the following quote from Between Parent and Childby Haim G. Ginott this week and it really hit home, literally.

“What do we say to a guest who forgets her umbrella? Do we run after her and say “What is the matter with you? Every time you come to visit you forget something. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Why can’t you be like your sister? When she comes to visit, she knows how to behave. You’re forty-four years old! Will you never learn? I’m not a slave to pick up after you! I bet you’d forget your head if it weren’t attached to your shoulders.” That’s not what we say to a guest. We say “Here’s your umbrella, Alice,” without adding “scatterbrain.” Parents need to learn to respond to their children as they do to guests.”

How many time have I spoken to my own children…

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