5 Reasons Teachers Can’t Be Judged By Test Scores

Why are my test scores so low? My scores were higher last year. I don't know what I did differently last year to get the scores up? I feel like I'm doing the same if not better, but the scores aren't showing it! I'm pulling my hair out about these scores! I feel like a … Continue reading 5 Reasons Teachers Can’t Be Judged By Test Scores

Whatever It Takes (Book Review)

They're hurting. Some have experienced trauma. Some have undiagnosed challenges. They each have a story. They each have a future. We call them struggling students. Academically fragile. Behavior problems. Disadvantaged. But they are us. They have gifts like us. They have strengths. They have unmatched potential. They are not the problem. The system isn't designed for … Continue reading Whatever It Takes (Book Review)

Mental Health and Wellness in Schools

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Dr. Bryan Pearlman (follow him on Twitter) of the nonprofit organization Distinguished Schools of Mental Health and Wellness, and he shared his insights on: Finding a healthy balance between test scores and wellness.Effective ways to train teachers to support student mental health.How to support teachers' mental health and wellness.How … Continue reading Mental Health and Wellness in Schools

Daily Essentials for Principals

The 10 Tips shared in this post will energize any campus! My favorite is the sacredness of time allotted for instructional leadership.

Set the time aside each week. Turn off radios. No interruptions. This time is as important as meeting with the superintendent. It’s sacred.

And during this time, engage. Work with students. Work with teachers. This is collaboration (co-laboring), and it works like therapy to keep your focus on what matters to the school.

It’s the sacred time that’s essential to remain focused on why we’re here. Engaging in the instructional process will energize and help you regain perspective. Here are some essential ideas to do in the classroom:

  1. Teach a small group.
  2. Co-teach with the teacher.
  3. Work with students one-on-one.
  4. Leave the observation checklist in the office.
  5. Leave a sticky note to affirm your teachers.
  6. Write an email thanking them for the time and show appreciation.
  7. Smile.
  8. Lead by example.
  9. Learn.
  10. Smile more.

Time in the classroom is not optional. It is the essence of what we do. Make it a must in your daily routine and watch the school climate shift!


Being a principal is a very demanding job. Every principal will face frustrating moments, seemingly impossible deadlines, and will be expected to overcome enormous obstacles. However, in my experience as a principal at all levels, there are “10 Daily Essentials I Engaged in Daily.”

Wake Up Excited About the Day

Every morning when I awake, I’m not only filled with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm about being blessed to see another day, but elated that I’m in a leadership position to touch and change a child’s life and inspire teachers through their experience at school.

Establish an Inspirational Routine for the Morning Commute

Although I’m usually the second person to school (custodian is usually there first), I ALWAYS expect to be met with a possible issue from the custodian or a concern from a teacher, staff member, student, or parent. Therefore, I must have an overflow of positive energy. It’s imperative…

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