Whatever It Takes (Book Review)

They're hurting. Some have experienced trauma. Some have undiagnosed challenges. They each have a story. They each have a future. We call them struggling students. Academically fragile. Behavior problems. Disadvantaged. But they are us. They have gifts like us. They have strengths. They have unmatched potential. They are not the problem. The system isn't designed for … Continue reading Whatever It Takes (Book Review)

Burned Out, Beaten Up, and Fighting Back (Book Review)

Burnout is not what you think is it. It is real, and it is not shameful to confess it. You are no less of an educator because of it...in fact, you might just be too much of an educator! In her new book, Dr. Latoya Dixon tackles the issue of burnout and confronts the narratives and … Continue reading Burned Out, Beaten Up, and Fighting Back (Book Review)