So, this is an awkward place. You clicked on a page that says “about”.

Are you looking for facts about me? Phone number, address, age, height? Shall I boast of accomplishments and lament failures? Nah.

I guess I’m going to let you down. None of those things will be here. @mafost is my WordPress profile. This is a central place that I write a few original long-form blog posts and aggregate some of my work.

Let’s just say this site is classic blogging. My thoughts and experiences along the way. There will be some brilliant ideas from generous friends as they also share here.

I invited you to my daily blog and site for school leaders to access free resources and online courses:

I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for here. If there are any inspirations, aesthetics, or useful ideas found, then I’ll have accomplished more than I expect.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading. Here are some ways we can connect.

Serious and Professional

Let’s connect in some professional conversations at Twitter @mafost or on LinkedIn.

Fun and Personal

I’m on Facebook as Matt Foster and on Instagram with my family, fun, and business life as _mafost_.


I’m lucky to be the co-founder of TeamTom Educatoin, LLC. The business owns multiple web properties including,, and

Guest Author

Some of my writing is published on the Internet and in the press.

Visit the contact page to email me directly.