Back to School Resources for Principals

Back to School Resources for Principals - Mafost Blog

The back to school season is one that is filled with hope and excitement. Each new school year brings opportunities to leverage fresh commitments and new perspectives. In this post, I’ll share several back-to-school resources and strategies to help you engage your teams, teachers, and the local community at the start of the year. You will find resources for:

  • Back to School Tasks
  • Teacher Professional Learning
  • Culture and Climate
  • PLCs

Back to School Tasks Transformed

This episode provides 10 innovative back to school ideas for principals and school leadership teams.

Here are three more ideas to help you level up your back to school leadership tasks:

  • Make your teacher and staff back to school letter count with the Back to School Letter 2.0.
  • Strengthen your culture of trust by providing opportunities for your teacher teams to connect as people first…Introduce your teams to Passion Talks.
  • Last minute interview tips for finding star teachers, and yes, star teachers are still out there ready to come to your school!

Back to School Professional Learning Resources

Teachers have a lot of work to do in their classroom, and you have great plans for providing professional learning opportunities. However, there’s a major time crunch. Here’s a short list of free articles that can help your teacher teams guide their own learning discussions.

Classroom Management and SEL

Pedagogy and Content Area Acumen

School Culture and PLCs

It’s one thing to start an initiative toward creating professional learning communities. It’s another thing to craft a culture where collaboration and continuous improvement are the norms.

Here are a few articles and resources to spark new insights into this leadership journey.

I hope you enjoyed this guide of back to school resources and ideas. I invite you to pass it along on social or email to a colleague who could also benefit from it!

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