What Are You Creating?

Work, by @mafost

I really believe that if you put your heart into your work, it’s more than work. It becomes the addition to an ongoing masterpiece.

Each day is an opportunity to add another stroke onto your canvas, another chisel into the stone. Whether it’s a stroke of learning or a stroke of producing, you are creating something special.

Your work is not your job. Your work is your soul in daily toil. A continuous masterpiece. @mafost

Your work, when your heart is in it, becomes one of your life’s physical embodiments of you. Let’s explore that for a moment.

Do you remember Rocky? Yes, the testosterone-driven love story of the underdog from Philly who’s drive and dedication made him a movie star. Or something like that. šŸ˜‰Ā There’s the one scene where he’s running the stairs to the library, and because of his fame and inspiring story, the city built a statue of him at the top of the stairs. TheĀ physical embodiment.

That’s what our work is – without all of the bronze, of course.

So what are you working on? Not just your job. Everyone does a job, whether they’re a W-2 worker or self-employed. The job is the task. The work is the craft. Work is different than job. Work is your personal touch. Your soul in daily toil. And each day is one more stroke.

What are you learning? When your heart is in the work, you can’t help but learn. Continuously. The learning is the natural by-product. The learning is also a part of the masterpiece. Learning is not professional development. It’s not training. Those are a part of the job. Learning is personalized – a part of the work. It’s the betterment of your craft.

Working. Learning. Creating.

What are you creating?

When you put your heart into your work, it’s more than work. It’s an ongoing masterpiece of your life. @mafost

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Currently, I’m creating a few things, including:

  • Mafost Mashup. Season 3 of the Insanely Innovative Podcast for School Leaders.
  • Principal Tribe.Ā MISSION: To connect and amplify the voices of educational leaders. VISION:Ā Principal Tribe will be a network of future-minded school leaders who create, innovate, and publish in ways that bring immense value to humans.
  • SpiralWarmUps. MISSION: To build stronger readers and writers. VISION: A system that simplifies the processes of deepening learning, enhancing memory, and sharpening focus for young readers and writers.
  • TeamTom Education. Currently expanding the team from 4 employees (plus 2 contractors) to 6 employees.