Visible Learning, The Meta-Strategy

Visible Learning is the teaching strategy that every educator must understand.

Visible Learning is the Meta-Strategy for all classrooms. John Hattie’s groundbreaking synthesis and recent revisit shook up those awesome schools down under, but also continues to impact the way educators think about instruction and learning worldwide.

Here in America, many schools are discovering the research in training sessions and discussions with instructional coaches.

Visible learning is the teaching strategy that every teacher must understanding. It is the strategy that every educational leader should integrate into learning systems.

But what is Visible Learning? Why should you care? What change can it actually make in student learning?

I tackled these questions in What is Visible Learning?

In that brief article, these topics were covered:

  1. What does Student Visible Learning Look Like in the Classroom?
  2. Visible learning in the task.
  3. Visible learning in the process.
  4. Visible learning as reflection.
  5. Examples of Student Visible Learning
  6. Metacognitive Strategies to Make Visible Learning a Reality
  7. Using Question Stems to Guide Students to Visible Learning
  8. 15 Strategies to Use Student Visible Learning in Your Classroom

Do you use Visible Learning?

You probably do. It’s one of the highest yielding approaches to learning and instruction. You undoubtedly use aspects of this meta-strategy.

You can discover 10 question stems for visible learning by reading here.

In the same article, you can discover 15 strategies for visible learning.

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